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The West Girlfriend – Virtual GFE

Starring – Stephanie West
BadoinkVR Review
Scene Score – 9.2

When the shit hit the fan you can always count on your close friend Stephanie West her big ass and sexy curves to save the day. Your longterm girlfriend just left you for your best friend and on top of that, she took your dog with her.

You are feeling miserable and Stephanie comes over to cheer you up. Thank god she is a creative sex freak. She has put on her best lingerie and stocking that give you a hardon just by looking at them. She proceeds to show you this is not the end of the world. She pushes you on the bed and grabs your smoldering cock while sticking her big tits in your face. You are rock hard and before you know it she is gagging on your man meat. When you thought things can’t get any better she turns around, gets on her knees and takes your favorite posture “face down ass up”.

You are fucking her big ass completely forgetting all your troubles and feeling like you are in heaven. Strap you Oculus Rift, HTC ViVe, PS VR, Google Cardboard or any other headset and enjoy your virtual gfe.

Girlfriend experience in Virtual Reality is dangerously addictive, be warned 😉

Virtual GFE

Virtual GFE

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