I am sure if you are a virtual reality porn fan you have seen the BadoinkVR website?  It has an archive with a lot of content. They are releasing 2 videos each week and at an incredible speed, they have become the biggest VR Porn studio in the world. I have got my Gear VR headset, and I am prepared to check it out and give you all the details.

After browsing through this site, there are some things I can tell you; firstly, the website is the real deal, straightforward to operate and it works well on mobile phones. I use the Samsung Gear VR device to watch videos, I download them on my smartphone and place them in an appropriate folder so as to make the headset locate and play them. If you have any troubles you can always go to our How To Watch VR Porn guide

Diverse VR Sex Scenes

On BadoinkVR you can see the hottest pornstars and fuck them in virtual reality. With over 220 videos covering numerous niches, it is absolutely certain you will find something that gets you going. There are virtual threesomes, anal videos, outdoor, revenge videos with ex-girlfriends, fucking a stewardess in a hotel, fucking your cute stepmom and so on and on. There are some incredible hot Cosplay scenes with sexy ladies dressed as Harley Quinn from Batman or Chun-LI from Street Fighter. Most vr porn videos last for 30 to 45 minutes.

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Top Quality

The scenes work well with modern devices like Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Daydream, most Smartphones, Google cardboard and PlayStations VR. “Compare them with more PSVR compatible movies.” Each virtual reality porn video has many options for downloading to fir your personal needs. The videos have great 180-degree views they are shot in 4K with 3D capacity and binaural audio. Once you log in, you will see that the scenes have a mini set of five photos with different resolutions.

Downloading VR Porn Videos from BadoinkVR

Easy access

Becoming a member of Badoink gives you access to their main site. There are over 100,000 videos, and by the time you are done, you with be rewarded with an endless amount of bonus content.

Fresh Theatre Mode

You will notice a “Theatre Mode” option in the menu provided you are using the mobile version. This will grant you access to the virtual theatre which contains few videos from the site, and it also allow you to browse and watch videos completely handsfree. You will see a floating cursor that is controlled by the movement of your head-tracking which lets you surf the video menu items, archive, and pause and play videos without clicking anything.

You can read our article dedicated to BadoinkVR`s Theatre Mode

VR Quality

There isn’t much to write on here. Every section of the VR such as clarity, colors, audio, and camera positioning on this web site is consistently good.  Though different issues pop  up, there  is  nothing  major  to review.

Porn Quality

The pornstars on this platform are very sexy, fit and young.  European girls are featured in many of their videos, but titles are featuring American models. Currently, the sex scenes have been improved, and this helps the actresses display their talents. Also, the designs on each video are very appealing and non-repetitive. Dialogues are concise and exciting, and I value every effort to develop unique storylines for each title.

The amount of VR Porn

The site sits in the middle of the pack when it comes to quantity and its presence at about 105 titles and increasing at the rate of 1 video every week.  They are dropping fast as other sites have a release rate of 2 videos per week.

The website, Service, and Extras

The design of the website is fair, and the speeds of download are good.  There are currently no search options, but there are a filter and excellent profile pages for each actress.  In January 2016, Badoink VR announced that they would pair videos with Kiiroo teledildonic devices but I have not seen any content released for this partnership.


Being a member of this platform costs a bit higher than the average in the US $24.95 for one month and the credit card payment are done via a BadoinkVR partner site. Evey purchase made by a US customer is included in the Free VR goggles.

Why choose to watch this Porn Site?

Everyone would like to watch steamy porn videos where they find themselves involved in the scenes. Badoink VR has a lot of Virtual Reality gears that can assist in viewing several porn scenes; imagine that you are in the midst of hot babes that are waiting to give you pleasures from here to toe. You will see yourself being sucked, indulge yourself in love making scenes and feel the pleasures with the aid if different gadgets and VR accessories. You will also need a Samsung VR gear, an Oculus or a Google cardboard for the effect of streaming. The site also can stream content from your phone even using a virtual reality player. You can download some of the best videos with the aid of reality gears.

The BadoinkVR website is one of the best websites for bringing our passionate moments in men with the assistance if beautiful actresses. It can do this because;

  • It offers a portion of the best videos with the aid of the Flash player, which one can download as an MP4 document in five distinctive quality settings.
  • It enables you to enjoy the vast library of different videos and DVDs on their site through BaDoinkVR Ultra Lite.
  • It unites porn videos and men’s lifestyle content together. It covers an expansive assortment of US and Euro porn and furthermore offers probably the most premium channels that are given to various porn studios and links
  • It contains some of the best porn stars in 120 exclusive hardcore porn scenes where models get fucked by giant cocks and models are seen licking dicks and men can likewise cum in their mouth in virtual reality moments.
  • All the videos can be played via the Flash format or can likewise be downloaded in the MP4 format to be utilized on your favorite gadget.
  • It provides extra navigation alternatives and the capacity to copy DVDs and stream the content through Apple TV or Roku collection; it can also be saved in iTunes of cell phones. This is one of the best features this site offers.
  • It has its devoted application that permits pleasure while streaming. Videos, as stated earlier, can likewise be seen in Play Station, Chrome cast, and different gadgets.If you need help finding even more specific porn website your go-to place is no other than PornWhiteList

Advantages of BadoinkVR

The benefits of this porn site include:

  • It has a mixture of different content (a mix of exclusive and non-exclusive content).
  • It has a high-quality HD content which is offered in HD top quality and whose videos are featured at 1280 x 720 and 1920 x 1080 resolution.
  • The scenes were made with the assistance of professional experts with a browser speed of 2.7MB/sec and 2-3 seconds buffering speed
  • It has an immense hardcore collection of Porn videos.  It offers its viewers a significant accumulation of hardcore porn videos that incorporates more than 14000 DVDs and 69542 scenes; you can also choose among a collection of cast archive that is genuinely worth viewing. It covers all your most loved porn stars in all postures.


The following are the disadvantages of Badoink VR

  • The older porn scenes are not with high definitions
  • Some of the scenes have are hard to watch and comprehend and have lower specifications
  • It is just a video site with no photographs
  • Older scenes don’t bolster HD
  • It is expensive-Trial for the first time costs you $1. Nonetheless, it is a repeating measure of $40 a month which is not readily  affordable

Our Verdict

Badoink VR is one of the best performing Virtual reality porn videos. Mature people are very aware of porn videos and this site as well, so they have more viewers. It provides all if its subscribers with a variety of quality porn videos though it has a production of just 120 scenes. The most recent porn videos are made in, 720p, 1080p, 60 FPS and 540p HD resolutions.

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