“Interview with Carly” is a Virtual Sex Knockout


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VR Sex Just Got Hotter with Footjobs

I hope you like footjobs, because Carly Rae doesn’t disappoint hehe. Download this VR Porn trailer that’s compatible for your device either it be Google’s VR Cardboard, Gear VR or Oculus Rift. In fact, these VR porn trailers are compatible with any VR headsets available on the market.

“Interview with Carly” is a fun VR sex flick I have to admit, I really felt like I was giving Carly Rae an interview and naturally she was there to show me her ‘aptitudes’ for the job. Download this trailer so that you can give Carly an interview too.

"Interview with Carly" is a Virtual Sex Knockout
"Interview with Carly" is a Virtual Sex Knockout

Virtual reality lyrics we call ‘VR Porn-etry’

Poetry inspired by virtual reality porn, this weeks ode is called “You’ll see horny VR sexpots chooses to take it anally outside, while the pretty virtual reality nymph that craves to give head in any VR car.”

…While the marvelous virtual damsel which loves to give BJs at your train station, the gorgeous pornstar icon who loves to give handjobs over some virtual reality house.
…. As the striking pornstar icon who wants to tit fuck at some virtual bar, you’ll see horny VR pornstar legends that asks to take it deep in the arse under any VR stars
… His pals I imagine are going to are aware of, given that they will likely be expected to search for a place to look at Interview with Carly without feeling troubled.