How New Facebook Dating App Will Change the Dating Scene


Whether you like it or not, Facebook and the Internet play a big role in our personal lives. There are both pros and cons to this (you know how many pitfalls await us if we are to use dating sites), but the possibilities are truly endless! That is, if, of course, you know how to properly to do this entire dating thing! Whether you are experienced or not, if you are reading this, there either was, is, or will be interested in dating sites, so you may have heard about the entire Facebook Dating thing then.

Facebook, as elsewhere, has its own unspoken rules, and knowing them will allow you to shine and find what you need, not knowing them will make you a big loser.


What to avoid on Facebook?

I think everyone understands: no matter where you meet a girl, the first thing she will do when she finds out your name finds you via social networks.


Starting with Facebook.

She wants to complete the first impression about you. And if she likes your profile, it will be a big plus for you. And if not, then you risk losing her interest …


  1. Bad taste and monotony

Your Facebook page reflects your personality: your tastes, culture, values, beliefs, sense of humour. And if your profile is 80% clogged with football news, it is unlikely to excite interest in any woman.

The same goes for spelling mistakes, dull statuses, stupid and vulgar pictures: all this will play against you.

Avoid posting any garbage, useless information that fills up the entire page, as if it is the only purpose for it. Like a photo of your ass at a party or you wearing a wig and stockings (albeit on a dare or something). You and your friends have fun looking at these photos but make sure that they are not accessible to everyone. It may get hard with online dating, you may ask yourself, how to find a woman to marry, but don’t worry; visit the website – thousands of women are waiting for you to text them!

Depressed posts and statuses? Remember, this is not romantic, but rather sorry. The girl will run away from a guy who cannot cope with his mood and life in general.


  1. Too ardent posts

Like you are constantly angry or jumping from one radical opinion to another. No, to have a personal opinion is good and all, but if it seems that you are always arguing and are very conflicted in general, then fix your stuff. That is a problem – with so many strong opinions being on your page, a girl will find it easier to find those with which she doesn’t agree.


  1. Nonsense

Do not post anything that can make you doubt your intellectual viability: a naked torso against the background of someone else’s Porsche, a video about world conspiracies. All this is not a very good message for a smart girl: you are a simpleton and succumb to influence of others simpletons alike. This is the most basic one, I mean, yeah, we all have our own opinions, and we perceive the world differently, but for the love of god, if you are looking for someone and are cautious of your image, try to look like a rational person at the very least.


  1. Slop photos

Half-closed eyelids, open mouth, alcoholic blush – take it away; you can look better. Control the pictures but do not fall into narcissism! Do not spam your page with photos – it will look too clustered, and it will seem that you love yourself just a bit too much, which is weird; no one likes people that are infatuated with their own beauty or whatever it is.


  1. The constant presence of a girl in your photos

Look at your page: maybe some girl appears constantly and too often. Perhaps a little too often. For a potential future girlfriend, it may seem that she may be marking her territory this way. Even if it is your sister and all, still, be aware of an outside perception. You will have to deal with this somehow; otherwise, there may be problems.


The girl you are interested in should not ask herself the question who this other girl is. A fan? An ex? A current girl with which he still has some relationships with? Is she just an obsessive acquaintance? All of these possibilities are not very pleasant to think about.