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Today is a huge day for all VR Porn lovers. Especially for everybody who are signed up for one of the best vr porn studios – BadoinkVR.

BadoinkVR popularity keeps on growing because they are one of most trustworthy and reputable adult vr producers that care about their paying customers and constantly improve.
They proved it ones again by listening to the feedback and introducing their brand new –

Hands-Free Theater Mode

Everybody who has tried virtual reality porn knows that the biggest issue ( lack of quality content aside ) is that you have to constantly take out your phone out of your Gear VR or whatever VR headset you are using to adjust the settings.

BadoinkVR gave us a solution to a problem that has bothered me and most users for a long long time. By presenting us with an interface that allows you to use your eyesight to control almost anything and thus freeing your hands for more pleasurable acts they have definitely made sure that ones again you get value for your money when you sign up with them.

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VR Theater modeBadoink VR TheaterThere are two different ways to use the new Theater Mode when you want to watch vr porn from your mobile and you log-in to BadoinkVR.

1 – You can simply navigate to the Menu section and choose theater mode

2 – When you are about to play a specific video you will be prompted to click on the purple ” VR Theater Mode ” button to switch immediately.

How Does Theater Mode Work

Oh, I forgot to mention that you control all the action from the comfort of your own ultra-luxury apartment. When you play the VR Theater mode you are situated in it in stunning quality and in a 360-degree view and from there you choose what happens…

VR 360 apartment

BadoinkVR has completely overhauled their user menu in order to improve the ease of use. The new menu is clean and simple enough to allow operating it with just your eyes. The head-tracking of your Oculus Rift, Gear VR or other headsets will allow you to navigate the cursor, click on the menus, play or pause your video and basically give you full control. No more hassling before you play your virtual reality porn. There is no need to install or download anything at all. Theater mode works with all mobile phones and you can stream as many naughty videos as you like.

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